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Signs You're Stuck in the Day-to-Day of Your Business

As a leader in a growing business, your days may be filled with meetings, emails, Slack chats, etc. As a mission-driven leader who wants to make an impact, these probably aren’t the activities that energize you. You may be longing for more innovation, creativity, and new ideas. You may be thinking about larger goals that will transform your department or company. And, you may see missed opportunities to develop your team.

Chances are if you’re feeling buried in the daily work, you probably are. Here are common signs you’re stuck in the day-to-day of your team or business.

You’re not spending time on strategic activities. Your business lacks a vision, mission, and values. You’re not clear on long-term plans. You skip regular market research or aren’t spending enough regular time on growth-focused activities such as business development, new products/services, or partnerships.

You’re solving problems that other people can solve. People come to you for low-stakes decisions such as what to order for the offsite event. Client issues on the same topic elevate to you regularly.

You’re the bottleneck to progress. People are waiting for you to approve contracts or client work. Emails may pile up while you’re in meetings all day.

Your calendar is fully booked. Your days are back-to-back meetings. You may even be double- or triple-booked.

So, what can you do to get out of the day-to-day?

  1. Take time away from your team or business for strategic thinking or planning. A clear and compelling long-term plan can energize change and growth.

  2. Enable problem-solving across your team or organization. Create problem-solving routines so everyone can help move things forward.

  3. Re-evaluate your responsibilities and those of the team around you. Delegate responsibilities to others.

What is one strategic activity you’d like to be doing more of?

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