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Finish the Year in 1-2-3

Updated: Feb 8

When I was in college, I had a few of those nightmare all-night paper-writing, cramming-for-finals experiences. I managed to do decent work. But decent is just, well...decent. And, I was exhausted mentally and physically for days after.

What does cramming for finals have to do with end-of-year planning?

We may look at the end of the year as an opportunity to "cram in" more stuff. A bright shiny object. Something that feels more fun than the thing we know will make the biggest difference as a leader, for our teams, or for our businesses. A long list of achievable, low-hanging tasks that make us feel good.

I challenge you to take a different approach.

It is a simple as 1-2-3.

  1. One key goal. What is the one most important goal you can achieve in the next few weeks? The one thing that will make the biggest difference in your leadership, the biggest impact for your team, or the highest-value transformation for your business? Make this one goal your key focus for the next few weeks. Post the goal where you can see it every day. Revisit the goal and your progress during your weekly planning. Get 100% to that goal and let go of the other distractions.

  2. Two important outcomes. Before you move on, identify two important outcomes as a result of that goal. Why is this goal important? What difference will it make? What will achieving this goal mean to you, your team, and/or your business? These outcomes should be compelling and create excitement.

  3. Three key activities to make it happen. Finally, list three key activities to achieve your goal. They could be daily or weekly activities that compound to realize your goal. (A business owner client is making one high-value, high-touch connection weekly to create new business.) Or, they could be three milestone activities that lead you toward your goal. (An executive client will draft, solicit feedback on, and present a strategic plan.)

Whatever your 1-2-3 focus for the last few weeks of the year, I'm rooting for you 100%!

Share your 1-2-3 focus below!

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