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Meet Your
"Devoted Big Sister"

I've been supporting big aspirations since 1979, when I became a big sister. 


Being raised by a single mom meant I took on a lot of responsibility for my sister. Sometimes too much, she might say! 

My mother believed education and knowledge was the path to opportunity.

Even though my mom attended just a few weeks of college, she instilled in us the belief that we could create any kind of future for for ourselves.

With 30 years in knowledge industries, from K-12 education to higher ed, as well as publishing, marketing, public relations, and professional development & training, I bring passion, expertise, and real-world experience to the table.  

I share my mom's belief: education and knowledge are the path to opportunity.

As a C-level publishing executive, our intense connection to our creative work felt like a mismatch for some management approaches. Determined to see knowledge industries thrive, I developed a unique, what-works approach to guide them through growth phases.

Are you ready to grow together? Let's get started.

Conni FranciniCEO

Business People Applauding

No One Is More Devoted to Your Success.

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