Meet your "devoted big sister"


I like to say I've been guiding others to see and create a hopeful future since 1979 (when I became a big sister).

Raised by a single mom, I was determined to be successful and create a path for my sister to do the same. I created opportunities from limited resources. I made the most of what little we had. I did the "right" things, earning admission to a top private university and becoming a senior executive in a growing publishing company with no formal business background. 

You see...people believe that high achievers have it all. Achieving big goals. Earning accolades. Creating and innovating. Solving problems. Making an impact.

The truth is that we high achievers secretly know our strengths are often our ultimate saboteurs. Devotion to our work leads to exhaustion. High expectations can turn into perfectionism that creates distance with others. And these challenges can spiral into burnout.

That's where I come in. As a survivor of executive burnout, I'm on a mission is to instill hope and enable success. 

Conni Medina

CEO & President