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Success Stories

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"As the owner of a growing business, I didn't want to delegate and let go because I was fearful that this idea would not "work" and I would fail. I tried doing it all myself. Now I have a clear plan and focus. I have someone to talk to when I'm confused. And I have someone cheering me on."

— Zeena Dhalla, Owner/Founder of VerticAlign Posture Coaching

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"Like many entrepreneurs, I am overflowing with ideas, but lacked focus to execute those ideas. I tried a whole list of organization and productivity tools but struggled to make significant progress on any one goal. Now that I know how to organize and action-plan my initiatives, I can narrow my focus instead of jumping around on multiple projects. Since working with Conni, I am much more laser focused and efficient with my time."

— Kathryn Couch, Owner of

Tinsel & Bow Gifting Services

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"I struggled to make consistent progress toward key professional growth goals and business development goals. I tried conferences and courses, but I struggled to maintain momentum, take action, and apply learning. Now I am working consistently on my goals, taking action and making progress weekly. And I've learned where and how to spend my time based on the work that is most rewarding and impactful."

— Karie Gladis, Education Consultant

Empower Reach

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"I was less structured and working on activities that didn't add substance to achieving my goals. I tried making lists to stay on track, but I found myself wasting time on things that didn't matter. Conni developed a flexible plan, and now I am on track with my business goals."

— Bruce Carnohan, Founder

Carnohan Process Solutions